Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seward, AK

We were so excited to visit Alaska! We only had four days to explore the state, so we decided to skip a visit to Denali National Park and instead spend most of our time on the Kenai Peninsula. We flew into Anchorage, and we quickly learned how serious the fishing industry is in Alaska: nearly all our fellow flight passengers had carried on their fishing poles (in protective travel cases) and when we walked by the luggage claim area, we watched countless empty coolers (waiting for their fill of fresh fish) fall down the conveyer belt.

After a little hiccup with the rental car (the rental company was out of regular cars and tried to convince us to really discover Alaska in a big, gas-guzzling truck -- we waited around for a standard-sized car to arrive!), we made our way to Seward. Seward is a waterfront town that's a bit of a tourism hub, with lots of excursions to pick from and more RV campers parked along the shore than we could count. During our early September visit, the daylight hours seemed to be of the normal length, and the weather was damp and foggy, with plenty of cloud coverage and a temperature that was comfortably fall-like.

Once we settled in at the Moby Dick Hostel, we walked over to the cute downtown area for a little exploring. There are a fair number of local restaurants and shops, with many of the town buildings decorated with some sort of mural. After a bit of walking, we stopped for dinner and were soon in the middle of our first Alaskan bear experience: our waitress came by the table to warn about the bear eating out of the dumpsters in the back alley! (Un)Fortunately, the bear seemed to have left the area by the time we finished with dinner - we'd have to see our first Alaskan bear another time.

Seward couldn't have a more beautiful backdrop - just look at those water and mountain views! We were immediately hooked on Alaska's scenery and were excited for what the next few days in this beautiful state would bring.

Oh, and this is how the locals dress!

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