Monday, June 23, 2014

Telluride, CO

We arrived in Telluride right at dinner time. Since it was late-ish and rainy, the plan was to grab a quick dinner then be on our way (we were on our way back to Salt Lake City to catch a flight to Alaska).

Trusty Yelp led us to There, where we settled in at the bar for the next... three hours or so! We ended up making friends with the other people eating at the bar, one guy in town from NYC for a film festival, and a couple on a little getaway from Denver. We shared food and stories for the next few hours, and it became clear that Taras and I weren't driving too far that night.

We drove to a local campground, having decided to tough it out and set up late-night camp in the rain (or maybe just sleep in the car...), but we were bummed to find the campground was fully booked. Being late at night and out of options, we found a last minute deal at a fancy resort - the nicest place we had stayed at yet during the trip. Then it was up early the next morning to catch our flight to Alaska!

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