Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden of the Gods & Manitou Springs, CO

Our last stop in Colorado was at Garden of the Gods and the close-by town of Manitou Springs.

Garden of the Gods is full of beautiful red rock formations that developed throughout years of natural progression. The park is a registered Natural National Landmark and is super well-maintained, with wonderful paved walking paths throughout. I was thrilled with how much wildlife we saw during our quick walk around the park, and we had a fun time watching some rock climbers ascend up the peaks.

When we left the park, we drove over to Manitou Springs. The town is small and used to be most popular for its mineral springs, but today the main attraction seems to be the town's downtown area, a quirky spot for tourists to have a meal and browse through shops. However, wiki tells me that many of the town's springs are still functioning and the water is free, so it seems we missed out on that experience!

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