Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kenai Fjord National Park | Wildlife


While we were in Seward we splurged on a six hour boat excursion to go see wildlife and glaciers! We chose a Kenai Fjord tour with Major Marine and we received a slight discount through our hostel. I was going to keep the boat ride as one post but there are just too many pictures. Instead, here's a post about the wildlife and in the next post I'll show the beautiful landscapes and glaciers.

We were thrilled with how much wildlife we were able to see on the boat ride: birds, puffins (omg, puffins!), whales, dolphins, seals, sea otters, and porpoises! Most of these animals we were able to spot multiple times during the tour - it was amazing to see them all flipping in and out of the water, flying overhead, or sunbathing on the rocks. We learned that we were lucky to spot whales, as apparently they migrate up from Hawaii each summer and usually head back down to Hawaii sometime in September.

I really enjoyed the boat's narrator and captain, who were quick to point out any wildlife around us and happily stopped or turned the boat to make sure everyone could see. Not to mention, the narration was educational without being boring.

We were amazed at all the cameras and lenses that were on board the boat - a lot of retirees seemed to invest in amazing equipment to document their travels. We may have had some camera envy as we struggled to capture all the wildlife with the lens we brought along!

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