Monday, June 30, 2014

Arches National Park, UT

If it seems like we were all over the place in the last few posts, it's because we were! We arrived in Colorado just in time for us to leave the state and drive to Salt Lake City, UT to catch our flight to Alaska. We had previously been through SLC, so we didn't plan for any exploring time while we were there. Once we got back into SLC after Alaska, we made one final stop in Utah at Arches National Park before going back to Colorado to pick up the rest of our trip. Whew.

Our stop at Arches National Park was relatively quick, as we had friends to meet the next day in Colorado. We mostly drove through the park, stopping a couple times to walk some of the shorter trails.

We were both stunned by the beauty of the red rocks, and amazed by all the shapes and sizes - it's surreal that all the formations and arches were naturally formed.

If we had more time, I would have loved to stick around for a sunset. Can you imagine the glow of the setting sun reflecting off the red rocks? Ah, I bet it's beautiful!

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