Friday, June 27, 2014

Anchorage, AK

At the end of our Alaskan visit, we spent an evening and afternoon in Anchorage, to make sure we arrived in the area with no complications leading up to our flight home.

We were both happy to spend a day exploring Anchorage, though, I would say you don't need much more time than that to get a feel for the city (assuming the focus of your trip is to spend more time playing in the outdoors). It was drizzly and chilly the entire time we were in Anchorage, so we stuck to indoor activities - apologies that this post doesn't do a great job of showing what downtown Anchorage looks like or telling what the city has to offer! The first part of the day we spent at Bear Tooth, a favorite local movie theater where you can get beer and snacks to go along with your meal.

Later, we explored the Anchorage Museum. This was a favorite museum of mine throughout the whole trip -  it was well-curated and showed a lot of recent art along with a lot of information on the state's vast history, which was particularly interesting to us because of Taras's Russian heritage. The exhibits were well done and we were able to join in on a free guided tour.

Walking around, Taras was excited to find mountain ash berries - he remembers eating these when he grew up in Russia. He kept insisting I try a berry, promising they weren't very tart. Finally, I caved and then immediately spit it out... it was very, very tart. :)

We ended our day with pizza and beer at another favorite local spot - Moose's Tooth. The pizza and beer were so good!

Alaska showed us such a wonderful time - we can't wait to get back sometime for another (longer!) visit. You can see all of our Alaska posts here.

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