Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aspen, CO

Oh, Aspen! We had such a wonderful time exploring this town! Taras's brother and our sister-in-law met up with us in Aspen. My sister-in-law and I (we also happen to be college besties) have a friend from college who lives in Aspen, so we stayed with him and his fiancee for a couple of days.

We arrived in downtown to meet up with our college friend (see his photography site here) and we did a round of shots for old time's sake. Then, we followed him to his house, where we spent the afternoon and evening catching up on life, playing some college-style beer drinking games (for good measure, you know), and enjoying our friends' view of the Colorado mountains.

The biggest surprise of this visit was when our friend let us know that we wouldn't be staying with him, but instead we'd be crashing at the mansion at the top of the hill! He and his fiancee got the gig of managing the property of a VIP who rarely visits this home of his (it's one of many). So, our friends' guests reap the benefits and get to stay in lush accommodations when they visit. :)

After a fun afternoon of catching up and after getting a good night's rest in fancy beds, we went for a hike the next morning at Maroon Bells. It was a beautiful day for a hike and I could hardly believe all the bright colors throughout the mountainside.

Later that night, we piled into a private room at Kenichi, where we indulged in sushi and sake. There might have been some shenanigans that followed...

We spent the next afternoon exploring downtown Aspen. I don't have many photos to show for it, but the downtown is lovely. There was a mac'n'cheese fest happening, so we grabbed our forks and tasted as many variations as we could manage! Then, we were on our way to Denver. 

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