Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Morro Bay, CA to Big Sur, CA

We left SLO and headed north on Highway 1, up toward Big Sur.

Our first stop was at Morro Bay, a little town with a big rock. Morro Rock is a 576 foot high volcanic plug and is the biggest attraction to the town. We watched a game of giant chess and came across a few interesting folks (the guy in a below photo who's blowing into a conch shell gave us a signed picture of himself, Pyrate Steve. I wish there were more to this story because there are so many unanswered questions...).

Next, we drove a little further up the coast to San Simeon to look at the elephant seals. This stop off the highway was swarming with tourists (all plugging their noses - that smell was not pleasant) who were excited to get a look at the tons of beached seals.

The rest of the day we continued up Highway 1, stopping to look out over the cliff edges fairly frequently. We were amazed how chilly and foggy the weather became as we made our way up the coast, but the fog made way for some perfectly moody views of the water.


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  1. These pictures are AMAZING! oh my gosh. I love the giant chess pieces!

    1. That chess board was unreal! It was hilarious watching the kids try to move the pieces :)

  2. i hate driving places and always fly to sf but one day i really want to drive up the coast so i can see big sur and all the beautiful coastline

    1. you MUST do that drive at least once! it was beautiful (and slow...)!


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