Thursday, February 28, 2013

Glacier National Park, MT | Part 2

The 50 mile long Going-to-the-Sun Road that runs all the way through Glacier National Park is a main sight-seeing attraction inside the Park. It's thrilling to drive the road while looking for wildlife and stopping at every other pull-out in an attempt to fully appreciate all the beautiful scenery. My favorite part of the drive? The farther up you drive in elevation, the more snow you find!

If the promise of wildlife and epic views are not enough to convince you, the act of driving (and being a passenger) is an adventure in its own right - driving through tunnels carved out of the mountains... the car tires splashing in the road puddles that have formed from mountainside waterfalls... holding your breath every now and then when the road has particularly sharp turns... making sure you don't veer into the cyclists peddling past you on their way downhill... and, finally, driving through some construction and lane closures for good measure. A serious adventure, friends!
If you don't want to attempt the drive on your own (or you just want to be able to photograph to your heart's content) the Park provides a free shuttle service. If you go, be sure to check online for vehicle restrictions - if your ride is too big, you can't drive it on Going-to-the-Sun Road.


We pulled over because we saw some other cars stopped and we realized everyone was trying to spot the bear. We stuck around for a while but Mr. Bear never showed us his pretty little face:

Can you see the waterfalls in the mountainside?:

I'm pretty sure this is a no-no:

Can you spot the waterfall in the middle?:

Outside the other entrance of the park we found Park Cafe and decided to treat ourselves to some lunch and homemade pies - a nice break from camp food:

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  1. Oh, that wildlife!! I made it out to Antelope Island yesterday and absolutely loved it. We saw a big heard of buffalo, pretty cool... but nothing compared to all of this!!

  2. So cool you made it to Antelope Island - it's fun that we've been to the same place! :)


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