Monday, September 30, 2013

San Luis Obispo, CA

We stopped for a couple days in San Luis Obispo (or SLO, as the locals call it) to hang out with a friend of ours who had recently moved there. We completely fell in love with this city - it has a cute downtown with great shops and restaurants, the California coast is just a short drive away, hiking trails are basically outside everyone's back door, and the city's small wine region was top-notch. I couldn't get over the city's perfect weather, and all the fruit trees lining the neighborhood streets (even avocados!). I learned one important rule: if the fruit is hanging over into the sidewalk, then any passerby is welcome to pick it. :)

It was nice to have a couple days of downtime with a familiar face and the chance to meet some really cool people (we even got a home cooked meal!). If you ever visit, our favorite activities were the Thursday night Farmers' Market (it's way more like a festival than just a market) and exploring the Mission. The town has a real community feel, and it's obvious that the locals are proud to live there.

One day we explored the Paso Robles wine country, which is nearby, and discovered River Oaks Hot Springs Spa where we had one of our favorite afternoons, just soaking in a mineral water hot tub (with ice cold beer!) while overlooking a beautiful field.



  1. i love slo. my best friends went to cal poly so i would visit them a lot in college. sadly or not sadly i never saw the gum wall

    1. i'd vote for "not sadly" on missing the gum wall. it was a little gross :)


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