Thursday, May 9, 2013

Portland, OR | Part 3

Next up from our Portland adventure: the International Rose Test Garden!

The rose garden was such a treat - it's free and it's where they test new rose hybrids (how cool, right?!). From the website: "The new varieties are submitted by the hybridizers to the AARS, who then distributes them to the test gardens identified only by their code number. Four plants of each entry are evaluated for two years on 14 different characteristics consumers desire in a garden plant including plant habit, vigor, disease resistance, color, flower production, form, foliage, and fragrance. About 200 rose cultivars are under test each year."

Let me just say, "you're welcome." I did some hefty editing to sift through the number of photos that showed Taras sniffing yet another rose. He was amazed at how fragrant the roses were and I think he might have smelt every single one of them (he even got some pollen stuck on his nose, see the last photo of the post!).

And I should also say, "I'm sorry!" I realize there are so. many. flower pictures in this post. I couldn't help myself.  :)


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  1. Yikes, lots of catching up for me to do... I love the flowers! I actually really love walking around garden when we travel. My husband isn't a huge fan of them so I usually just stick to the free ones, but still. =]


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