Friday, May 10, 2013

Portland, OR | Part 4

One thing that showed up on everyone's list of where we must visit when in Portland was the Japanese Garden.

Portland's Japanese Garden is said to be the most authentic outside of Japan! The five+ acres are divided into five garden areas: flat garden, strolling pond garden, tea garden, natural garden, and sand and stone garden. As I was reading through the Garden's website just now, I found their explanation of the gardens to be so beautiful that I wanted to share it here:

"When we enter a Japanese garden, the desired effect is to realize a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility and to experience the feeling of being a part of nature. In a deep sense, the Japanese garden is a living reflection of the long history and traditional culture of Japan. Influenced by Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophies, there is always “something more” in these compositions of stone, water, and plants than meets the eye."

I had been to much smaller Japanese Gardens in the past, but none of them created an environment as astoundingly tranquil and beauitful as these gardens in Portland.

- Amanda

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