Friday, May 3, 2013

Portland, OR | Part 2

We can't really post about Portland and not post about bicycles! As most of you know, Taras and I are huge bike enthusiasts. Cycling was our primary mode of transportation around Boston (when the weather allowed), and we just love the cycling community and how great biking is for the environment.

As much as we were excited about the food in Portland, we were maybe more excited to cycle around a city that embraces cyclists (and to ogle all the sweet bikes around town). The whole city definitely caters to the bike culture - bicycle lanes are everywhere, there are tons of bike parking spots, many taking up spaces that would otherwise be reserved for cars in other towns, and the number of bike shops around town was astounding. 

On our last night in Portland our bikes were stolen (someone cut through the chain when they were secured onto the back of our car), and it was a huge bummer. I think more than anything we were just sad that someone would do that. But on the bright side, our final days with our bikes were wonderful - rest in peace, Shelby and Theodore - and we decided that if we'd want them to live anywhere other than with us, Portland is the place!


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