Sunday, January 1, 2012

Montezuma | Costa Rica

Montezuma was our destination for some street shopping, food, horseback riding, and island excursions. One peculiar specialty of the town were the street vendors - all ex-Americans who got fed up with "the Machine" and decided to pedal beaded bracelets and silver rings on the streets of Costa Rica. If that doesn't exemplify the "Pura Vida" slogan, I'm not sure what does.

An afternoon of horse riding was very interesting. We were a bit surprised to find seemingly small and malnourished looking steeds when we arrived.  The ladies have had better experiences - Amanda's horse would hardly move and our friend Kristina ended up on the ground. Aside from all that, the trail views were beautiful and we had a great time.

The island excursion took us through some beautiful reef/rock formations. We also did some snorkeling, rode a paddle boat, and whaled on the locals in a game of beach volleyball, Top Gun style. (OK, maybe we were getting whaled on, but let's not focus on that...)


This is an example of the way we classed up the joints we visited. A true representation of an exquisite style. Pay specific attention to the cut-off Speedo t-shirt.

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