Friday, December 7, 2012

Milwaukee, WI

We were pretty stoked to make our way to Wisconsin - you really can't go wrong when visiting a state known for beer and cheese!  And, even better, a couple of our good friends are from Wisconsin and they sent us a very helpful list of what we should be sure to do and see.

Our first stop was Milwaukee - the town that created Schlitz! and PBR! and Miller! We got our fill of bratwursts, fried cheese curds, and beer at Milwaukee Brat House and later a good dose of indie music at the Langhorne Slim concert. The townspeople were super friendly, everyone asking where we were from, and there was beautiful European-inspired architecture all around.

When the weather was less than enjoyable, we spent time indoors at the Harley Davidson museum (separate post to come on that) and at The Domes for a look at mini desert and tropic ecosystems.

When the sun came out to play, we explored the Historic Third Ward and its restaurants, shops, and galleries. I always love historic warehouse districts and find myself photographing every single brick building, and then I pick out which converted loft I want to live in (I'm not the only one, am I?!). The Milwaukee Public Market is also in the district and is definitely worth a visit for their well curated selection of food, wine, and cheese vendors. We later spent time exploring the city's East Side where the vibe is more hipster - the part of town where you find your favorite coffee shop (our pick was Rochambo) and dive bar, and where you can indulge in any ethnic food you're craving (try the Middle Eastern lunch buffet at Casablanca).

Also notable: a visit to Veteran's Park on the waterfront (we brought picnic of cheese and meat); dinner at a local fish fry (it's THE thing to do - we went to Lakefront Brewery, ate at a large communal table and made friends with our dining neighbors who later sent us great information on some National Parks); and a stop by the weekly farmer's market where we found crepes bigger than our heads.


And look whom we saw, in town for some press event:


  1. You are at my beautiful city! there is nothing like Mil-town.

    1. you live in a great city - we had such a fun time there!

  2. Holy crap, Clinton is skinny! Was that the best celebrity you saw on your trip?

    1. SO skinny, right??! He was the *only* celebrity we saw, up until we got to NYC and saw Adrian Grenier walking in the lower east side.

    2. Taras just reminded me - Chuck Liddell was on our plane to Hawaii. Neither of us knew who he was so we had to ask one of the people taking his photo!


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