Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Million Dollar Highway, CO

Oh, man! The Million Dollar Highway was intense! We had read about the route in some magazine prior to starting our trip - I remember the article talking about the hairpin turns, steep cliffs, and lack of guardrails. Add that to a rainy day and you have yourself quite the adventure.

I think it's harder to be a passenger than the driver in these situations. The driver at least feels like they have some control over the situation, while the passenger holds on to the door handle for dear life (sometimes with their eyes closed!).

All the deep breaths were worth it, though, as we drove along the route and saw the most stunning views. I loved seeing little towns nestled down below us. We found a gorgeous waterfall and got to see many remains from the Idarado Mine. But one thing is for sure: I would be hard-pressed to tackle this route in a big RV!

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