Monday, August 12, 2013

Crater Lake National Park | Oregon

Crater Lake, oh my goodness! This was one of the top five most amazing sights we saw while on the trip, no joke.

So, Crater Lake is a lake that formed in the top of a volcanic crater, or caldera, and the lake happens to be the deepest lake in the US, and among the 10 deepest in the world, at 1,943 deep at its deepest point. Not only is this lake deep, but it is so beautifully blue - we just could not get over the pristine, bright blue color of the water. Since the lake is at the top of a volcanic crater, and there are no streams that flow in and out of the lake, only snow and rain precipitation have filled this lake with water.

We didn't spend much time in the Park, but only a couple hours, enough time to drive around half of the Rim Drive, where there are plenty of lookout spots to pull the car over and stare at the Lake. And while the lake is the main attraction, the Park was otherwise beautiful, with stunning views of mountains and fields out the other side of the car window.


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