Monday, March 4, 2013

Glacier National Park, MT | Part 4 (plus videos!)

This is our final post on Glacier, basically just to show a couple quick videos and for us to write down some of the memories that didn't fit into the other posts.

We found Glacier to be the perfect-sized National Park - a lot to do and see, but in a manageable, not overwhelming way. Since we stayed at the Park for a few days, we were able to recognize people from a trail or the lodge as we were out adventuring through the park or on another trial. It was a nice sort of familiarity in the scope of our fast-paced road trip that was anything but familiar.

As I mentioned in Part 1, we stayed at Glacier longer than we had planned. It was so nice (and much needed) to stay put for a few days. We camped at Sprague Creek Camprgound, down the road from the Lake McDonald Lodge, and would sometimes have deer visitors make their way through the site. It was fun to really set up camp and enjoy it... cooking meals on the campfire, and making friends with our camping neighbors. We even met a duo from New England that were on a road trip of their own and we had them over to our campsite for fire-roasted kale chips, beers, and good conversation.

We would go hang out at Lake McDonald Lodge once a day or so, getting provisions from the general store, or just enjoying the back porch of the lodge, with its perfect lake views. One evening there was even a wedding right on a piece of land that jolts out into the lake, talk about a gorgeous wedding location (you can see the chairs set up in the photo below). We were happy to find a Sunday chapel service at the lodge on our last night. It's pretty awe-inspiring to come into a worship service when you're already feeling grateful and blessed by having spent the prior few days amongst such beauty. We definitely sang a little louder and prayed much more thankfully that evening.

On that last night, we had a mostly miserable but very dry (thanks to Taras putting up extra tarp coverage over the tent) night's sleep as it stormed through the night. Come morning, we had the pleasure of packing up camp in the rain, while all the gear was soaked and muddy. Since we had no patience to try and cook a campfire breakfast, we decided to stop for grub at Apgar Village, on the way out of the Park. It was only then, once we were warm and dry inside the restaurant, that I realized it'd been a solid five days since we showered and, wow, what was I doing in public?! That was probably the longest stretch of non-showering on the trip so, yeah, we stayed in a hotel later that night!


Campfire kale chips are pretty fantastic:

Our normal campfire dinner - grilled vegetables and stewed lentils:

The most beautiful wedding location:

On that last night, between rain showers, this double rainbow showed its face:

Taras making a new friend:

From our hike to Avalanche Lake:

The mountain goats:
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