Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glacier National Park, MT | Part 1

I'm so excited to share Glacier National Park with you guys! This was our favorite National Park out of all the ones we visited. The Park is just beautiful, with all its mountains, forests, lakes, wildlife, and glaciers - truly unbelievable.

We even stayed a day longer at Glacier than we had planned. Hilariously, that extra night/morning it did nothing but rain, haha! (I can laugh about it now... it wasn't as funny that morning when we were packing up camp to leave.) We spent a lot of time that last night reading by the fire at Lake McDonald Lodge, down the road from our campsite. Well, I spent time reading by the fire... Taras braved the rain and built us a shelter over our tent and eating areas. :)

Anyway, onto the beauty of Glacier - 

Our first hike was through the Trail of the Cedars (a handicap accessible nature trail) that we followed until it spit off and continued onto Avalanche Lake. It was a damp, forested hike with beautiful trees, mountain views, and streams. And the main attraction, Avalanche Lake, was breathtaking.

Even today, I remember so clearly how special it was to be outdoors that day. It was this perfect not too hot/not too cold temperature and the gray skies, along with the low-laying clouds that surrounded the mountaintops, gave a very peaceful vibe to the entire day.


Later that day we took a little drive and Taras tried to catch dinner:

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PS - Are you watching The Bachelor this season? They spent some time in Montana, in and around Glacier National Park. I was able to get Taras to watch that episode with me - we were thrilled to see bits and pieces of the beautiful area, and it brought back so many great memories!

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  1. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous! We've been told by others to check out Glacier but haven't had the opportunity yet. It is most definitely on our list though!

    1. It really is so pretty! And I think the size of the park seemed so much more manageable than, say, Yellowstone. You really get to feel like you experience a lot while you're there.


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