Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Libby and Troy, MT (plus a video)

 We had a friend tell us about the little town of Libby and he gave us some tips of what to do there if the town ended up being on our route.  It was on our route, so with his instruction, this is what we did:

We started our day with an amazing breakfast at Libby Cafe and their huckleberry and potato flapjacks are seriously to die for (Taras still talks about them). The cafe was right out of a small-town movie - waitresses knew every patron by name and the guy eating beside us at the bar fell asleep while reading his morning paper (there were actually a few moments when we thought he might be dead... but then he took a giant breath in his sleep, thank goodness!).

After we stuffed ourselves, we went for a short hike to see the Kootenai Falls, train bridge, and swinging bridge. The falls were crazy - it wasn't a tall waterfall, but it was short and very powerful. The train bridge was on the way to the Falls and if you jumped really hard you could make it move (see the video below!). Then, we followed the trails a different way and came to the swinging bridge, where we got a huge rush of adrenaline crossing to the other side.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving a portion of the stunning Lake Koocanusa Scenic Byway, making it to the Libby Dam before heading back to town to get ready for the local fireworks show (it was July 4th).

This was our last day in Montana and just driving a small portion of the Scenic Byway was the perfect ending to our time in this beautiful state. Montana truly won us over with all its mountains, wildlife, and lush forests, and is definitely on the top of our must go back list.


Taras picked some flowers at our campsite ;)

Even though we're talking about swinging the bridge, this is the train bridge that moved if you tried really hard, not to be confused with the actual swinging bridge.
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