Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wall Drug, SD

For those who don't know about Wall Drug, it is a roadside attraction in Wall, South Dakota, near the Badlands. Inside you'll find 76,000 square feet of shops, food, a chapel, art, souvenirs, and jackalopes.

I had no idea what Wall Drug was. All I knew was my old boss told me that we had to stop, see the giant jackalope, and get some donuts. When we were about 30 miles away on a back country road we started to realize what we were in for, as we drove past sign after sign, each more colorful than the last. Donuts 30 miles! Cowboy Hats 29 Miles! Ice Cream 20 Miles! Jackalope 15 Miles! Men's and Women's Clothes 10 Miles! You get the point.

Wall Drug is the feature attraction on its street and it neighbors bars, restaurants, and other shops - basically, it's a street-long tourist destination, and the entire stretch of road is appropriately decorated in old western style.

Oh, yeah! Throughout our trip we passed many vehicles with cargo boxes covered in stickers (much like our own) and almost every time we spotted a Wall Drug sticker.


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