Monday, January 14, 2013

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial National Park, ND (and a video!)

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial National Park was the first National Park we visited on our trip. We were so excited for the change of scenery - more nature, camping, and time outdoors!

What we loved most about this park were the animals. There were wild horses roaming the hills; they looked beautiful and majestic. There were so many prairie dogs, which are somehow the cutest things ever. They live in prairie dog towns, which are basically stretches of land where the animals burrow in holes and live together.  And they pop their heads up and down and make the coolest "eeep" sound each time - we could have stared at them for hours. The buffalo, or bison, roam all over the park. This was our first exposure to the animal and, though extremely large and capable of a lot of harm if they so incline, their temperaments were much like that of cows, peaceful and grazing.

We also had our first exposure to warning signs about rattlesnakes. I was very unnerved about the whole thing at first, but I calmed down a bit after Taras appropriately searched our campsite!


This video shows a prairie dog and a giant herd of buffalo with their babies. If you're able to hear the squeaks when the video is on the buffalo, that sound is the prairie dogs. There was a prairie dog town at the front of the land, and the heard of buffalo in the back.


  1. Ahhhh, your blog makes me so happy! My husband and I are also traveling the US, though we're doing it slowly with a "home base" set up and trips based around that area.
    I am finding so many awesome new places/things I want to see through your blog though and I'm so excited to add to my ever-growing list!
    I'm also looking for guest posters on my blog to write about a bunch of different states so if you're interested in guest posting would you shoot me an e-mail,

    1. I love how you guys doing the trip slowly - you'll get so much more out of each stop! I'll send an email your way :)


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