Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Black Hills & Custer, SD

When we left Mount Rushmore we continued driving through the Black Hills. We were thrilled to be driving among the forested mountains - it was a very welcome change of scenery.

On our drive we made a stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial. We somehow didn't realize that the monument is still being constructed, and the entrance fee ($10 per adult or $27 per carload) seemed pricey for something that's not yet finished. It does help soften the blow to know that these fees are the primary source of revenue for finishing the project and that there is a museum onsite to tour during your visit. But had we done more research and realized all this, we would have skipped paying to drive in to the complex and instead viewed the monument profile from the road, like many others were.

We made our way to the town of Custer, SD, which is said to be the oldest town established by European Americans in the Black Hills region. We grabbed a late lunch of bison burgers and local beer at some small tavern and walked the main strip of town. (Ed. note: I had this explicable expectation to have a juicy, delicious, fresh, and local bison burger while we were in the heart of the Midwest. But time and time again, we ended up eating thin, frozen bison patties. I consider this one of the trip's culinary fails. -T) The building exteriors and the few swinging saloon doors add to the charm of this little town and help transport you back to the days of wild west shootouts.



  1. Oh so fun! We didn't see much of Crazy Horse (just saw it from the road driving past because we were hurrying to get back to WY for a bbq) and we didn't see much of the Black Hills either but what we did get to see was so gorgeous! =]

    1. Our time in the black hills was pretty rushed, too. We did Rushmore + crazy horse + the stop in Custer all in one day. I do wish we'd had time to camp in the black hills and do some hiking!


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