Friday, January 18, 2013

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, SD (plus a video!)

It wouldn't be a USA road trip without a stop at Mount Rushmore, where the faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln are carved into a massive piece of granite (we learned that the original plans called for not just the heads, but also the torsos).

The sculpture can be spotted from the road and many people opted to pull over on road shoulder to take pictures, rather than paying to park at the memorial. An important note: even though this park is operated by the National Park Service and is free to enter, you will have to pay to park (even if you have an annual NPS pass, because the parking is managed by a third party).

This was a quick stop for us, two hours tops. We viewed the sculpture from a distance, while going through the Avenue of Flags (it's lined with flags from the 56 US states, territories, and districts), then walked the Presidential Trail that puts you at the ground under the statue (you can look way up and see inside the Presidents' noses). The on-site museum was really informative and enjoyable; it's definitely worth a peek inside.

When we drove away and got a few miles north of the park we noticed people cliff jumping into the beautiful Horse Thief Lake.  We stopped and Taras got up the courage to make the jump (with the help of a fearless 12 year old girl) while I cheered from the sideline.

Now I present to you the many angles and close-ups of Mount Rushmore!



  1. So darn cool! We went this summer and we also saw a mountain goat down in the amphitheater area!

    That cliff diving would be so fun! I want to try some time. =D

  2. seriously so cool! i feel like that's a place thats on one of those 'yeah i'd love to see it but probably will never make it' lists


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