Friday, December 7, 2012

Harley-Davidson Museum | Milwaukee, WI

Did you guys know that Milwaukee is home to Harley-Davidson?  I actually had no idea! The online reviews for the museum were so good that we decided it was worth a look around, even if the entrance fee was $16 (which is a good value for a museum, but was a good chunk of our daily travel budget).

The museum blew me away.  It was no surprise that Taras had a great time (when we first got married he actually had a motorcycle) but I was shocked by how interested I was in the museum. Throughout the two floors of exhibits there are model bikes from many years of production - even military, police, and postal service motorcycles.  News articles and vintage advertisements that tell the history of the brand, even about the times of turmoil, and old design plans and manuals kept Taras entertained for quite a while.

There are displays that show the history of motorbike racing, including racing clothes, pictures, trophies, and other memorabilia, and even displays that showcase women's involvement in motorcycling in the early days of the company.

What resonated with me most were the exhibits on motorcycles and the open road - they featured guys who essentially lived to be on the open road for long periods of time, cycling across the country, not knowing what each day would bring. Also, the obvious brotherhood that was present throughout motorcycling history and still exists today is pretty inspiring.  


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