Friday, June 8, 2012

Toledo, OH

Toledo was an impromptu stop on our way out of Ohio. Both Amanda and I knew the name, didn't know too much about the city, and decided to see it for ourselves. We ended up driving through downtown and taking a few iPhone photos from the car. Toledo had a vibe of a one-day booming mill-, or industrial-, town. Lots of red brick, warehouse-y buildings. Nowadays, the town seemed somewhat deserted and quiet. We didn't find any interesting culinary options, so we spent some quality time outdoors.

The park across the river gave us some cool views of the sunset over the city skyline. We got in some scenic hiking in the nearby parks. The pics from Oak Opening Preserve park are below and there will be a separate post on the prairie preserve.

We did stop by a local brewery, Maumee Bay Brewing Company, for a sample of their craft. The small batch offering of Agave Chili Wheat beer was phenomenal!


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