Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ohio Bike Trail | Cleveland, OH (Plus a Video!)

While visiting Cleveland, OH, we stayed about 20 miles south-east of the city. One morning, we took a bicycle ride on the Ohio Metroparks' Bike & Hike Trail. This was our first real bike ride on this trip, and we were excited to clock some miles on Theodore and Shelby (we went 12 miles that day). The 33.5 mile trail is one of the first "rails to trails" conversions in the country. We've had some previous experience with converted railroad trails - part of our Portland, ME to Portsmouth, NH trek was along such a trail in southern Maine, and Boston has its own Minuteman Bikeway.

The ride was just great! It's exactly what our bodies needed after all the highway miles in the car the week before. The trail wasn't crowded at all, the weather and scenery were beautiful, and wildlife accompanied us the entire way - we saw a ton of birds and one wild bunny.

At the end of our ride we decided to go another mile to cool down, and it's a good thing we did!  We found a very pleasant surprise: the 65-foot Brandywine Falls. Coming from Niagara a few days earlier, there was no direct comparison, but the Brandywine falls were awfully cute and had a great trail around them, allowing visitors to get pretty close to the waterfall.


PS: Here's a looks at the waterfall in action.  This was before we learned to flip the iPhone for filming!

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