Monday, June 11, 2012

Irwin Prairie Preserve | Toledo, OH

The second outdoorsey excursions we took near Toledo, OH was the Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve. The tiny, rectangular green spot on the GPS map didn't look that impressive, but we're glad we stopped in there - the preserve has a great boardwalk weaving through some tree covered areas, and the seemingly barren straw-fields of the prairie. To my great enjoyment, there were also birds everywhere (I have a thing for birds...), but Amanda was less than thrilled when we looked back at pictures and realized I had taken more pictures of birds than the landscape (these non-bird photos ended up coming off the iPhone). Oops...

The boardwalk provided for an easy trip through the land and kept us on our toes - there were constant rustling noises coming up from underneath the wood planks and we kept expecting some giant creature to jump out at us. I know - city folk... Of course, nothing came, and it was probably just chipmunks and squirrels.


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