Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ann Arbor, MI

We've found ourselves drawn to college towns on this trip. Not in a way that we seek them out, but in a way that we enjoy them when we get there. Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, was the first example of this new-found love. We started the visit at Mark's Carts food trucks - The Lunch Room truck had super tasty vegan pad thai, chili, and a BBQ tofu slider with slaw. Next on the menu was a sampling of the Arbor Brewing Company offerings - very solid local beers, suggested by my friend. The culinary star of the day was dinner at Dominicks, said to be an Ann Arbor rite of passage. The pizza was great, but most importantly, we shared a mason jar pitcher of sangria, which we drank out of smaller mason jars, outside on picnic tables. This experience was the first time on the road when we felt completely relaxed and in the moment, and like we found an amazing local joint - it was a really great feeling!

The town was great for biking, and we explored parts of it on two wheels after performing a roadside wardrobe change (eep!). This was the first really hot day of the trip so a mid-day change to more appropriate clothes was needed - this is when it comes in handy to have your whole wardrobe in the car! Taras managed to forget his sunglasses on the roof of the car when we changed, and to our pleasant surprise, some kind stranger hung them on the door handle so we'd spot them when we return. Yay, citizens of Ann Arbor!

We wrapped up the evening with a best-of open mic feature at the Ark. Funny part is that the beverage license of the venue requires them to only sell to Ark "members" and guests, so Taras had to get a $5 semester membership, with voting privileges and all. The music was good and we even bought a CD by John Richard Thompson that we played in the car for days!


PS - we also explored the local arboretum and will share pictures from that tomorrow.

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