Thursday, June 14, 2012

Detroit, MI

We had pretty high expectations of Detroit coming in - we wanted to see a re-born American city, with some barren neighborhoods, and signs of life and revival. And that's exactly what we found! We started our exploring in the Royal Oak area. Royal Oak was a neat little area with a cute main strip, a bunch of well curated clothing and vintage boutiques, some nice looking restaurants, and a theater. We walked around the shops a bit after having lunch at Cafe Muse, then headed toward Detroit proper.

As expected, we spotted a number of abandoned buildings off the highway. Some apartment high-rises were literally see-through - a chilling sight. The downtown area was very clean, if not a little empty. We spent a couple hours at the riverfront park, right by the GM headquarters. The park was beautifully done! What a great space to take a walk or a bike ride right in downtown. And speaking of biking - we saw at least a half-dozen bike cops cruising the park. Not sure what that was about.

Before heading out of town (yes, this was a quick visit!) we grabbed an early dinner at another Michael Symon restaurant (how do we keep getting drawn to his establishments?) - Roast. They had an excellent happy hour bar menu of small plates and drinks!


That's Canada on the other side of the river!

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