Friday, June 15, 2012

Grand Rapids, MI

First of all - the rapids in Grand Rapids aren't that grand... unless we completely missed them, in which case, I retract my previous statement.

We spent a lot of time in the Eastown neighborhood, exploring the shops and biking around. And we ate exclusively in this neighborhood - such good restaurants! Marie Catrib's is an amazing bakery/restaurant/store with tons of healthy and vegetarian options. We popped in there for lunch as soon as we got into town and enjoyed a tasty lentil-wild rice veggie burger and barramundi fish tacos. We had dinner at The Electric Cheetah, where they are also heavy on the vegetarian options and their bathroom walls were plastered with eclectic puzzles (so cool!). Then we evened out all the healthy eating the next night with burgers and beer at The Winchester - this place had a sizable garden across the street where they grow veggies and herbs for use in the restaurant.

We took an afternoon to bike around downtown and the Heritage Hill neighborhood, which is a district of beautiful historic houses with lawns and gardens that Amanda was dying over. Hills were abundant closer to downtown, and at times, we gave our bikes a rest and just walked them down the sidewalk.

Our time in Grand Rapids was really low-key; even though we were in town for a couple nights, we spent chunks of the daytime doing laundry and catching up on computer stuff. We really enjoyed the city, though, even if we don't have tons of pictures to show for it!


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