Friday, January 6, 2012

Providence, RI

Providence, RI is a city that we didn't expect to love as much as we did.  For whatever reason, neither of us realized how sizeable and city-like Providence would be.  Providence seems to have everything a good city needs: a foodie scene, the theater, a riverwalk, and an airport - just to name a few. Providence has a beautiful mix of old and new architecture and the local design college, RISD, ensures that there is some rad art throughout town.  Providence definitely has a hipster air about it - after all, they dub themselves the creative capital and house the aforementioned design college.  We sort of love that type of vibe and became quickly enamored by this little city.

Although we have no photos to prove it, we were especially taken by the city's pretty great restaurant scene.  One of our favorite farm-to-table dinners, ever, was at La Laiterie.  Definitely worth a trip in itself!


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