Sunday, January 1, 2012

Malpais Beach House | Costa Rica

Our second destination in Costa Rica was the beach town of Malpais. After a few hours of driving and a memorable ride on the ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya (check out the story here), we arrived to our beachfront house. We've definitely been leaning toward house rentals for our recent group travels - it's such a different experience from hotel rooms, and this one was not an exception. The house comfortably (if you can call 2 bunk-bed rooms, a legit bedroom, and a couch-style nook in the livingroom comfortable) slept all 10 of us, but there were certain aspects that definitely screamed "bare-bone beach life." 

There were certain things that made our beach living experience extra special: not having glass in the windows, making runs to the beach with a bucket to fill the toilet tank with salt water, checking beds and shoes for scorpions, and an occasional crab crawling into the kitchen. Even more surprising than the lack of running water was learning of our bodyguard, Luma, who showed up every evening with his dog and a rifle, and stayed the night on the back porch.  We made sure to feed him. We also learned that beachfront is a term that is open to interpretation. In our case, the term meant awesome tide pools but no sand for lounging.

On the upside, the backyard, in addition to having pretty phenomenal sunset views, provided for sweet hammock lounging. We really took to beach life.  Waking up early for surfing, exploring tide pools during the day, then chilling on the back porch every night after sun-down, making it barely through one beer before retiring to bed to wake and do it all over again the next day.


Meet Luma, the bodyguard:

Wanna bet that I can get to the top of this palm tree barefoot?.. What's that? How do I plan to get back down? I bet Scott will help me - he's just lounging in the hammock, doing nothing.

Ever heard of baby-coconut-ball?

This is what 3 days of beach hair looks like. Oh, the bliss of not having running water...

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