Monday, January 23, 2012

Camping | Lovells Island

The photo above is Boston as we were pulling away in the boat, on our way to Lovells Island. The views of Boston from the Harbor Islands do not disappoint! Also exciting, when your boat crosses the path of the planes landing at the Logan airport - for a moment in time it looks like the plane will land on your head.  Eeep!

Lovells Island is one of the Boston Harbor Islands where camping is available. There are six smaller campsites and two large group sites. During our stay, only the smaller sites were filled and we didn't notice many daytime visitors, which means we basically had the whole (tiny) island to ourselves for a weekend of exploration.  And explore we did. Lovells Island was used for defense of Boston and today there are structural remains of old gun batteries and of Fort Standish. Around the island there are partial foundations that are equally rad and creepy to walk through. The shoreline on one side of the island is sprinkled with random debris and old lobster traps and another side boasts a shoreline that is smooth and clean for lounging and swimming (sans a lifeguard).

As for logistics, a group of us chartered a private boat to take us from Boston's waterfront to the island and back.  The Harbor Islands do have a ferry, but the schedule for arrivals and departures to this smaller island are not very frequent.  We also had camping equipment, so a private boat was easier and not super costly when divided amongst the group.  The island has no utilities and is carry on, carry off.  We brought our own drinking water and then had to bring all our trash back on the boat with us to Boston. There is one solar powered compost toilet for the island.

It was kinda spectacular to camp on a seemingly private island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with Boston in the background.


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