Monday, January 23, 2012

Warrior Dash | Windham, NY

One of our amazing-slash-crazy friends found out about the Warrior Dash in upstate New York and invited a group of us to come along.  People in viking costumes, beer, jumping over fire, and swimming through mud - how could we resist? Here is the low-down: it's a give-or-take 5K course with a dozen or so obstacles. The phenomenon of obstacle running has totally exploded over the last few years and events are now held all over the country.

We headed to Windham, NY in a large rental sedan and a friend's Mazda Miata (we take what we can get). We arrived to Warrior Dash after a night spent in Coxsackie, NY and driving through Climax, NY to get there (insert childish giggle here).  The dash was held at a ski resort, but somehow, even knowing we were going to embark on a 5K through 13 obstacles on ski slopes, we were vastly unprepared for the hill.  We ran up a hill that, during ski season, one would ride a ski lift to conquer. It was quickly evident that we were not the only ones with enthusiasm greater than our abilities. We trudged up the hill in a very large group, gave a solid run any time the ground leveled out, conquered the obstacles, and prayed for our lives when running downhill. 

After taking rounds of "we are cooler than you because we're muddy and tough" pictures, we cleaned ourselves off, had a couple of amazing beers from Pyramid Brewery, and ate turkey legs as large as our heads, in true warrior fashion. Then we sprawled out in the sun and listened to the live band. We finished the afternoon by cruising the gorgeous Adirondacks in the aforementioned Miata - what a blast.


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