Monday, January 23, 2012

Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands are about five miles off the coast of Boston.  There are 12 islands and peninsulas ready for endless exploration. Accessible by boat, the islands are full of history and are ideal for even a half day adventure of walking, exploring, fishing, swimming, and more. Ferries run regularly out of Boston from May through October. Each island is unique, but all are popular for delivering gorgeous views of Boston. Fun fact: the book Shutter Island was based on the Boston Harbor Islands and parts of the movie were filmed here, too!

The islands that we have visited are Lovells, Spectacle, and Georges. Visit here for our time at Lovells Island. Spectacle Island is great for swimming and has a large dock, making it a popular destination for boaters. For a period of time during its history, trash was dumped on Spectacle Island.  Even today, people find pieces of glass and china along the shoreline.  Any findings must be turned over to the rangers and are then arranged into art murals at the island's visitor center. Georges Island houses the historic Fort Warren, which defended the harbor from 1861 through the end of WWII, and was used as a prison for Confederate officers and government officials during the Civil War. On the island you can walk around and through the fort structures, and there's also a great museum that covers the history of the island.


Spectacle Island wall mural made from collected glass and china:

One of the museum exhibits shows what traditional meals were during the prison days:

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