Post-Wedding Photo Shoot

It rained on our wedding day.  Despite the luck that rain is claimed to bring, said luck does nothing for outdoor photos. Many months after the wedding we stumbled across a post from Tatiana Garanina, an amazing Moscow-based wedding photographer (and, yes, she travels to photograph weddings!).  Tatiana was looking for a couple to photograph; she would be visiting Boston and wanted to build her portfolio. Taras immediately contacted her. Amanda made sure the e-mail was in Russian – we needed an in!

Pictures from our photo shoot ended up in a March 2009 issue of "PhotoDELO," a Russian photo magazine (we're in the first two pictures below):

Tatiana had previously visited Rockport, MA and she requested we do the photo shoot there. It was the perfect backdrop. Rockport is nothing short of magic and exudes quintessential New England charm with the stacked lobster traps, gorgeous seaside views, and its salty downtown. Even parts of the movie The Proposal were filmed there!

It is such a treat to look back at two sets of photos: those from our wedding day in Jacksonville, FL and these photos taken in our forever home, New England. These photos were taken in November of 2008. It was cold, friends. Very cold.

If any bride is considering a post-wedding photo shoot, our advice is a resounding “yes!” The opportunity to take photos outside of the wedding day activities was a special treat. Our other advice? Every couple should walk around a bustling downtown in their wedding day best. Even Santa can’t rival a bride and groom for popularity. Said Santa will also be very happy to lend you his festive hat.

Here are some outtakes from the day:

Taras trying on the veil:

It was cold:

Very, very cold:

Warming up inside a coffee shop.  No doubt contemplating the cold:
Maybe dancing will warm us up?


Looking through some shots with Tatiana:

And we're finished!

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