The proposal happened after a mere six months of dating.  We moved fast, remember? Anyhow, it was the weekend of Taras's 24th birthday and we were spending time with his family in their hometown of Portsmouth, NH. That Sunday, May 27th, we went for a family picnic at Rye Beach. Eventually, the two of us took a walk on the beach, climbing to the top of a little rock wall. On the other side of the wall the proposal was written in rocks, "Amanda Leigh Burnett Will You Marry Me?" As soon as Amanda peered over the side and saw the words, Taras got down on one knee and popped the question. And she said "Yes!" of course. Taras commissioned Tony and Lyndsey to not only write the proposal in the sand, but to also hide in the brush to take pictures of everything!

There was a family camping out on the beach and they graciously offered to guard the rocks all morning long. As an added bonus, after the "yes!" was heard, we received a round of applause from the bystanders.

Our professional engagement photos were taken by our wedding photographer, Kris Graham. We did a sunrise shoot at Riverside Park in Jacksonville, FL.

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