About Amanda

I was raised in Ocala, FL (horse capital of the world, y'all) and slowly made my way up the Florida coast after high school.  My first stop was in St. Augustine, FL where I attended the beautiful Flagler College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in both Accounting and Business Administration.  After college, I moved a bit further north to Jacksonville, FL. There, I began my career in real estate accounting and later attended the University of North Florida for my MBA degree.  After marrying Taras, I relocated to Boston, MA where I became a CPA and continued doing accounting in the real estate industry. Fun fact: every time I type "fun" I actually type "fund" and have to backspace to erase the "d." There's clearly no shame in my game!

I love to travel. I'm a Florida girl who never imagined she would end up in the cold Northeast, but I fully believe the move was one of the greatest blessings in my life. Living with seasons and legitimate public transportation has changed me, for the better. I enjoy photography and hope to someday be good at it.  Bicycles make my world go 'round: there's nothing quite like the excitement of riding around the city. I love food but also think nutrition is important - it's all about the balance. Beyond that, I'm your usual girly-girl: chick flicks, dinner parties, and red wine - yes, please.

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