Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Boulder, CO

Looking back at our pictures from Boulder, I can't believe how few photos we took - Taras and I were both charmed by this college town (home to the University of Colorado Boulder).

The downtown area is the perfect size - not too big, not too small - with a lot of great shops and restaurants (and some great people watching). The vibe of the town seemed to be mountain cool + outdoorsy + hipster all rolled into one. It's a town where we could see ourselves happily spending a lot of time.

When we saw a Trident Cafe we had to go inside, since one of our favorite bookstores/cafes in Boston is of the same name. Once inside this shop, we realized the branding was the same! We asked one of the workers if there's any relationship between the two stores and we learned that they used to be under the same ownership (the Boulder location was the first) but now they are separate operations. Despite the two now being separate, it was fun to find a little slice of home out in Colorado!

After exploring downtown for a couple hours, we stopped at Brasserie Ten Ten for some early happy hour drinks and snacks to kill some time while we waited to meet up with friends.

Once our local friends were home from work, we met them at their apartment for the night. They treated us to wonderful home cooked meal (and lodging for the night!) and we had a lot of fun trading travel stories throughout the evening.

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