Monday, April 28, 2014

Sedona, AZ

Before arriving in Sedona, we had been told by many people how great the town is and that we'd fall in love. Everyone was right. The town is smack in the middle of red sandstones, which make for the most beautiful backdrop. And the area is an adventurer's dream, with easy access to hiking and mountain biking.

We got to town just as the sun was setting - the town is particularly stunning during golden hour. After a walk around to see some of the shops, we settled on an al fresco Thai dinner after learning that the town's favorite restaurant was closed for vacation.

 The next morning we hiked Cathedral Rock - the views all the way up were amazing.

The hike itself was fun but challenging, as certain parts of the path turn into nearly a rock climbing adventure, requiring one to scramble along on all fours (we both found it helpful to wear legitimate hiking boots). The climbing created a particular challenge for me, as I was wearing a skirt. Yep. Taras told me the hike was just a moderate walking trail, soooo I put on a skirt instead of shorts. That made for some interesting moments! :)

We wrapped up our time in Sedona with a visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This Roman Catholic chapel is built into the buttes of Sedona - it is architecturally beautiful and offers stunning views of the city.

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