Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Driving Scenes

After leaving Hoover Dam, we drove north through the corner of Arizona and then into southern Utah. We had hit the top part of Utah earlier in the trip, but we didn't want to miss out on what the southern part of the state has to offer.

The drive from Hoover Dam up to Utah was beautiful. We started out driving across flat stretches of desert roads with mountains in the distance. Then, eventually, we were in the mountains, climbing steep inclines alongside motorcycles and semi trucks. Once the rain cleared up, low-lying clouds hung around for us to drive through (that was cool!). 

I couldn't believe the many colors and layers of sand and rock that made up the landscape, or even how quickly the landscape would change right in front of us. There were small desert towns scattered throughout our route, with maybe a handful of houses grouped together every so often. It left me wondering just how far from civilization these folks lived, and what would that sort of life be like?

It was always when we'd drive these long stretches of land that our road trip felt the most surreal. Making stops and checking off famous cities and landmarks was fun, but driving these roads and discovering our country mile by mile, watching the landscape change outside the car window, was maybe the most rewarding part of our trip.

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