Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Houses & Hills | San Francisco, CA

One thing's for sure: San Francisco is completely charming. It's hard not to be smitten by a city on the water with hilly roads (which give way to epic views) and colorful row houses. And I'm convinced that San Francisco locals are in great shape - imagine walking or biking up all those hills!

While the hills make for a beautiful city, they steep grades can be both scary and thrilling to drive. Not that I personally drove. I guess I should more accurately say it was both scary and thrilling to be a passenger. I probably closed my eyes every time we reached the top of a hill, for fear that we'd drive too far over the peak and end up in the middle of an intersection. :)

And, can you imagine, there were guys who would skateboard down these hills. They would be going so fast, and there's no way they could have stopped if a car pulled out in front of them! But every time we saw a skateboarder get to the bottom, he would have a huge smile on his face as he looked back at all the tourists lining the street with their mouths wide open in amazement (or fear?).

We tend to wander a lot when we travel... just start in one neighborhood and walk until we're tired. San Francisco was a great city to do this in because every street was adorable, which kept things interesting. Here's a look at some of the homes and hills of San Francisco.


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  1. SF is so pretty and charming but I was terrified by the hills too! I thought our cab driver was going to ramp us into outer space a few times with the speed he was taking those peaks!

    (Did you notice how all the parked cars turn their wheel either to or away from the curb? My friend who grew up in the area told us it is in case --heaven forbid-- their parking brake were to give way, the car would wedge itself against the curb instead of escaping down those crazy hills! She still does it on flat ground out of habit.)

    1. I did notice the turned wheels - crazy!


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