Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Santa Monica Pier | Los Angeles, CA

We got to the Santa Monica Pier just as the sun was setting. I don't recall us planning it that way, it just magically happened. It was the perfect time of day to visit - enough light left to take some pictures and see all the scenery, but then we were right there to see the pier all lit up at nighttime. It does cool down quite a bit, so be sure to bring along your scarf and sweatshirt.

It's funny seeing something like the Santa Monica Pier and beach for the first time. After seeing it in so many movie scenes and on TV, it felt like we were returning to a place we'd already been. And, true to form, there were rollerbladers, cyclists, and skateboarders out for their evening exercise, alongside cute couples walking hand-in-hand down the beach as the sun disappeared.


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