Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bodie Ghost Town + Mono Lake, CA

One our way from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite, we made pit stops at Bodie State Historic Park and at Mono Lake.

The drive was nothing short of beautiful, mostly showing us views of farmlands with gorgeous mountains as their backdrop. We saw so many cows, and somehow reciting "moooo" and "happy cows are from California" to one another never seemed to get old.

We drove slowly up a long, winding dirt road to get into Bodie State Historic Park, a ghost town that remains from the preservation of a late 1800's mining town. Unfortunately, the park closed at 6pm, not long before we arrived. We (reluctantly) chose to follow the park rules and didn't enter the park; instead, we took some photos from outside the blocked gates. From our vantage point I could see just enough old, wooden buildings to imagine the saloons and brothels of times past.

Just as the golden hour started casting its glow, we slowly made our way back down the dirt road and to the main throughway, taking in the beautiful views along the route.We even found a few animals out and about getting their evening meals.

A quick stop at Mono Lake was unplanned, but when the lake came into view, we couldn't resist pulling into the lookout for a closer look. Many others were there with us watching the sun slip away -- and reading all the stickers plastered to the guard rail.


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