Friday, April 5, 2013

Vancouver to the Olympic Peninsula

Next on the agenda was to make our way back to Washington and over to the Olympic Peninsula.

We stopped part-way to the ferry station for oysters at The Oyster Bar in Bow, WA. We had passed by the restaurant on our way up to Vancouver (we camped nearby at Larrabee State Park on our way up) and after checking them out on Yelp we knew it'd be a good spot to see the sunset. We decided west coast oysters aren't our favorite (sorry, west-coasters! we heart our east coast oysters!), but the the stop was worth it just to sit on the restaurant deck and enjoy watching the sunset over the water.

The rest of the drive was beautiful, and the ferry ride was windy and freezing, so we mostly stayed inside. We got to Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula pretty late and went in search of dinner (we had only eaten oysters and apples) but everything in town was shut down for the night... so we snacked on whatever we had in the car to hold us over until the morning. The next obstacle was finding a place to camp, after our first choice didn't pan out. We finally ended up at a local fairground and set up camp with the help of Zion's headlights. So... hungry and almost no place to sleep... it wasn't the best night. :)

The next day we had breakfast at The Blue Moose Cafe, then explored Port Townsend before driving toward Sequim. The whole drive was rainy and overcast, which made for some beautiful and moody water views - we even stopped at a local marina to look at the boats sailing in the fog.


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