Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Olympic National Park | Part 1

When we stopped at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center, just inside the entrance near Port Angeles, we told the park ranger we had one goal for a hike that day: wildflowers! I had heard that this side of Olympic National Park is full of mountain range views and meadows filled with wildflowers. The park ranger told us to go hike the Hurricane Hill trail, as it was the only area with wildflowers during that time of year.

The drive over to Hurricane Hill was thrilling, with curvy roads and stunning outlooks of the mountain range. The hike itself was just as beautiful - we passed wildlife, wildflowers, and gorgeous viewpoints of Puget Sound and the Olympic Range while hiking up 700 feet over 1.6 miles to the summit. The only unfortunate part of the day was that I was sick, which made the hike a bit challenging for me... and, the worst part, I couldn't smell the wildflowers (don't worry, Taras did his part by making sure I knew just how beautiful the flowers smelt...).


More: Washington, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest.


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    1. Right?! My brother in law is convinced we photoshopped it... But we didn't!


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