Monday, February 11, 2013

Jackson, WY

Jackson, WY is a small mountain town that's popular for skiing and is right near Grand Teton National Park. Although, I suppose small is relative - it was the biggest town we had been through in days! A lot of people stay in Jackson when visiting the Tetons, but since we had a free place to stay in Dubois we ended up spending only a couple hours in Jackson.

After an awesome lunch at Lotus Cafe (we loved their pho!) we went for a little walk through downtown. The wooden storefronts were perfectly western-looking... the police officers on horseback and local cowboys just added to the charm.

We only went inside a few of the shops but it was easy to tell there are some amazing interior design shops (so. many. antlers. It's clear this region loved antlers long before they were trendy!) and clothing boutiques in town (we even spotted a generous amount of fur clothing, which must be popular for the cold winters). And the shop owners/workers were all as sweet as could be.

After our brief downtown exploration it was time to hit the road, but not before we picked up coffees to go from Jackson Hole Coffee Roasters. Our stop in Jackson was a quick one, for sure. Maybe a return trip is in order?


Want to know more about Jackson? Check out Meagan's blog (she even has a page that lists other local bloggers).

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