Friday, February 8, 2013

Grand Teton National Park, WY

Grand Teton is stunning. I could stare at the Teton Range all day long, and we spent a lot of our time at the Park doing just that. We drove to various lookout points to see the mountain range from this view and that view and, seriously, put a gorgeous mountain range behind a beautiful blue lake and I promise it'll be hard to focus your eyes on anything else.

We went on a good three hour hike alongside Jenny Lake and up to Hidden Falls - it was a beautiful day and the trail was a bit busy, which was nice because we could retire our "bear song" for the afternoon (it's the song we sing when hiking to make sure we don't sneak up on any bears... the song goes like this: "beeeaaarrr soooonnnggg" and repeat as many times as necessary. Original, yes?).

And then, the highlight of our time at Grand Teton: we brought an inflatable boat on the trip and had yet to use it. After the hike we decided it was time to blow that boat up and join the kayakers and boaters on Jenny Lake. I had big plans to just enjoy the ride and soak up some sun. Taras had big plans for fishing. Well... we get on the lake and there was some fierce wind and a strong current, add that with some crappy plastic oars and, basically, you're screwed. Taras spent the whole time feverishly paddling to get us out in the open where he could fish and I spent the whole time freaking out about us getting turned around. It turned out that I had a right to be concerned - after a few casts of the fishing pole we decided to end the whole charade and head to shore, but then we couldn't find the beach that we launched from. So, yeah, that caused another hour of rowing around in circles. We'll be leaving the inflatable boat behind on our next road trip. 

Note: Licensing fees are required for boat usage and fishing inside the park. You can find more information here and here.


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  1. STunning! What an awesome journey you guys were on! my husband and I want to do the same thing and take off this fall!

    1. Yay, how exciting! I couldn't recommend a US road trip enough!

  2. Wow, you saw a lot of the Tetons! We just hit the range on our way back from Yellowstone and really didn't see as much of it as we could have. The waterfall is so gorgeous!

    1. We were definitely lucky to see a lot of the Tetons!


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