Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

Our visit to the Twin Cities went a little differently: Taras's brother was in town for work, and it was great to slow down a bit and see a familiar face from home. We also spent a good chunk of our time in the beautiful Minneapolis library while I finished my CPEs, alongside a gazillion homeless dudes escaping the rain. We didn't do as much exploring as we would have liked, but here is what we did see:

St. Paul - It was raining so we did a quick drive-by of Summit Ave. (to see the beautiful, historic homes) and Grand Ave. (to check out the shops and restaurant scene). When the rain stopped we went downtown - there is some great architecture, the area is well-maintained, and there are Peanuts character statues around Landmark Plaza. We also made sure to stop by City Hall to see the Vision of Peace statue. But the real highlight was visiting the Cathedral of St. Paul - it looks like a building straight out of Europe.

Minneapolis - We explored different parts of the city on foot but didn't manage to take photos of most districts, like Uptown, Northeast, and North Loop. Downtown was bustling and I couldn't get enough of the awesome, retro business signs. We made a quick visit to Minnehaha Falls Park and were awed by how nice it was to have nature of this sort so close to a city. And, don't worry, we made a quick stop at the Mall of America. I know you were worried.

If we had more time we would've loved to check out the sculpture garden, see the Museum of Russian Art, bike some of the local trails to fully appreciate the strong bike culture of the city, spend more time at Minnehaha Falls Park, and enjoy one of the city's lakes. 

Do you live in the Twin Cities, or have you visited before? What did we miss?

Stay tuned for a post about our eats in the Twin Cities!


St. Paul:


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